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Developing a religious and cultural foundation with unity and commitment.


Serving God, our Church, and our Assyrian Nation.

Mar Yosip Parish recognizes that The Church is an unceasing living tool offering and extending to the masses of humankind the gracious ministry of (Maran o'Paroqan Eesho Misheekha) Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The pastor, deacons, parish committee, sub-committees, and faithful in community of Mar Yosip Parish, under the blessings of our beloved Catholicos Patriarch His Holiness Mar Awa III of the Assyrian Church of the East, commit ourselves to working together in one accord, thus bringing to fruition the Sacred Ministry of Our Lord Jesus.  We will watch over those who are at hand and show mercy and kindness to all of humankind.



Welcome!  If you are a newcomer or a visitor to Mar Yosip Church, you are most welcome; please know that our hearts are open to you! And while it is our hope that this website will help you learn more about our community and our Faith, we hope you will personally visit and pray with us. You will discover an ancient yet dynamic faith, a welcoming Christian family, and a spiritual home in which you can deepen your relationship with Christ.

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